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My Story

J.R. Lee is not your ordinary writer. He's not ordinary at all. Born with a love to write and use his words to command the attention of whomsoever he encounters, J.R. Lee was once self-described as the ”Voiceless Poet”. For some reason, he was afraid to let his voice be heard. J.R. Lee suffered from what millions of people around the world still face today—Doubt.


Javier was able to find his confidence and further understanding his purpose first hand as he cemented himself as a "Serial Entrepreneur". It was through these valuable life and business experiences, that he learned the value of "being your best self" through self development and self love.

His Food For Thought Network brand is rooted in the ideology of providing a valuable and nourishing experience to every area of your life. Whether it be food with his Caribbean-Infused Cuisine Catering Company "SoFullEats". Mastering your business with his Creative Media Agency Mvstermind Media. Bringing your vision to life with his Design Division WebJackerzz. Hosting the most impactful show in the world for creators, dreamers, and entrepreneurs- The Fly on The Wall Show


Fashion, Media, and Entertainment


Or if you simply just wanted to be motivated and learn how you can discover what the best version of yourself feels like.


We're all not so ordinary when you really think about it.

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