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If you're reading this right now and are anything like me.... Stop.. Take a second.... and BREATHE!

Isn't it interesting that we don't really take the time to do something as important as breathe correctly? It seems automatic and second nature.. Doesn't it?

You may be reading this title and wondering what does Hulk have to do with me or even you right?

For all of my Marvel fans and anyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the last century-- Hulk is mostly known for being a mean green angry machine.

The simplest things would trigger him and activate his emotional rage, which resulted in chaos for everyone around.

I am Hulk... Well I can be... Well I was.....Well i'm working on becoming better. ( There's power in the tongue)

You see.. Sometimes I get very very angry and I don't care who gets in my way or about the thing's that I say. I cover up this fault with the deductive reasoning that i'm right for how I feel and that the things that come out my mouth- aren't wrong...

How many of you guys have heard the phrase "It's not what you say it's how you say it"?

Well in my mind, that doesn't matter lol.... Believe me.. That line of thinking is wrong and i'm working on it.

I've recognized and become aware that this is a issue and that for my peace, happiness, and SANITY- It needs to be fixed.. But HOW!?!?!

Well first... Back to that breathing thing!

Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself...

"Why am I angry?"

"Does this even matter?"

"Will this situation cause me more harm than all of this anger?"

It starts off by identifying the reason for the anger. And don't get me wrong... Sometimes you have to go back. Like wayyyyyyy back. Like childhood back. Where most of our traumas are formed.

Starting off with these things will help. It's not a overnight fix because you are learning to reprogram your mind.

But its possible. For my Marvel fans who saw hulk in that last movie. He was a completely different person right? P...eaceful hulk was quite a hilarious sight. The reasons for his transformation weren't quite the same (lol), but it sure is possible!

So before you go punching another wall.. Just take a deep breathe

Because you don't want the reasoning for your change to be because somebody took it upon themselves to beat you up.

Food For Thought

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