What You Will Learn In This eBook:


✅ Find and create your business

✅ Create your Brand Identity

✅ Learn how to create FREE LOGO

✅ Learn how to create FREE WEBSITE

✅ Learn how to create your offerings: Product or Service

✅ Learn how to create FREE mock-ups for product or service

✅ Learn how to get your FIRST SALE

✅ Learn how to create apparel without paying any start-up costs

✅ Learn how to use other people’s money to fund your start-up

✅ Learn how to GROW your audience

✅ Learn how and where to reinvest your profits

✅ Learn the secret on how to overcome the fear of rejection

✅ Learn the secret on how to overcome “NO”

✅ FREE Elevator Pitch


You May Be Wondering...


What's the secret sauce formula for success?


That's the million-dollar question.


Have you searched for it on Google?


Or maybe you tried to use Youtube?


Most people won't share it with you.


KFC won't tell you how to make their crispy seasoned fried chicken. Mr. Krabs is for sure not telling you how to make Krabby Patties. What makes it so special? 


Because it's theirs and it works. But what I'm going to share with you works. It has worked for me time and time again. It has even allowed me to take a hair accessory brand that was operating as a street hustle and transform it into a global brand. 


I'm talking about over 6 figures in sales, thousands of online sales, seen in videos with rapper T-Pain, and in social media skits with retired NFL player "Spice Adams". What I am going to share with you most certainly works... I mean as long as you do.


About Your Author:


In less than 2 years, J.R. LEE and Co-Author Natalia grew a hair accessory brand (Satwraps Royal Wear) from $0 in online sales to over $100,000 in sales. More than half of the sales occurred during the "Pandemic". He did this by utilizing the very framework outlined in this book. He and his team at the time started with a piece of leftover fabric, creativity, persistence, and the rest was history.


J.R. created a Mobile A La Cart Meal Company that prepared fresh meals and offered catering services all across South Florida with $0. He used the framework outlined in this book to use other people's money to fund the operation.


J.R. and Natalia both created a Creative Media Agency that specializes in Social Media Marketing/Management and Website design with $0 and made a profit of $10,000 in the first 6 months-With clients all over the world. Guess what they used... The framework outlined in this book.


J.R. is the Founder of Food For Thought Network where he teaches, inspires, and motivates millions of people across the world to think, create, use ALL of their gifts, and chase their dreams. He is the author of soon to be the best-selling book, "The Metamorphosis of Me." Featured in Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, NY weekly, and more.

He started his merch line with $0 and months later appeared on NBA players in the NBA Bubble during the pandemic.


He is also the host of The Fly On The Wall show where he has one on one conversations with some of the greatest business minds and thought leaders such as David Meltzer, Evan Carmichael, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, and many other successful individuals.

Everything that J.R. has created has been with ZERO dollars, leveraging his resources, believing in himself, and utilizing the framework outlined in this book.

The Secret Sauce